Sometimes, The Bad Guys Win

Sometimes, The Bad Guys Win

So, on Sunday night, while rocking my newborn to sleep, I felt bereft because I know what it’s like to be called chink and Jap and to have people slant their eyes at me. I felt bereft because the governing body of this sport that I love had the opportunity to send a firm message that this behavior is not only unacceptable, but that the presence of people like me - including the very people they employ - are welcome and protected in this space. I felt bereft because it wasn’t the first time. And it won’t be the last.

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Irreconcilable Differences

Job? Yeah, I knew him.
Nice guy, I guess. It’s just...
Look, I’ve gotta be honest,
We all make mistakes, right?
And, I mean, all things being equal
He *was* vindicated. So, I
Mean, you’ve gotta understand:
Eli, Bil, and I were just calling it like we saw it!
And, ok, he turned out to be innocent
But how could *we* have known?
If you ask me, he’s just
A bit sensitive.
What? I’m sorry -
I missed what you said.


We don’t speak anymore.

Asilomar State Beach, CA. 2017. Credit: AJ Joven

Human Capital

These hands are tired, 
Friend. Weathered after
Years of picking
Under the Delano sun.
A life spent setting your
Table that I might set mine.

This back is broken,
Friend. Weary and sore after
Decades stooped over fields
Of spinach and vines of grapes.
My health given for 38 cents a pound
To get my children educated at 50k a year.

I am too old,
Friend. With knees meant for
Treading on soft, moist earth,
Now creaky and sallow
From kneeling in dirt - in the shadow
Of your benign allyship.

Who will do the labor?

You value this work
But miss Me.
A history left across the ocean
Of schools and books and family and




Sunset at Asilomar State Park. 2017. Credit: AJ Joven

Sunset at Asilomar State Park. 2017. Credit: AJ Joven