For When You Need It

It occurs to me, while you tumble unseen

In your mother's belly, that I am deathly afraid for you.

Not because I'm unsure of your brilliance -

Coming from her, how could that be anything but certain.

No, afraid because this world, my love, is not yet ready for you.

You, with endless possibilities, and a heart, I know,

Forged in kindness, are being thrust into a world

Built to stamp it out. And you, with hope and love and an

Unspoiled faith in humanity, 

Must encounter it. 


I'll be there, of course, and your mother, but I 

Cannot prevent tears that I know you'll shed;

Disappointments you'll drag behind you

Like the laden, rolling book bags so many

Children bring with them now. And in the quiet of twilight,

Dressing for work while you lie nestled within your 

Sleeping mother, I silently lament that reality.




Your heart will ache for justice and for people

To see more than curly, coarse, black hair

And dark, brown skin and almond-shaped eyes. To expect gifts

Beyond calculus and chemistry - though, your father

And grandmother were decent at both - and to 

Value the words of your experience and to trust in your voice.

You may weep with compassion as you gain awareness

Of what you have and others don't, knowing tonight some

Go to sleep hungry. And you may be angered at 

Lives lost to hate and a system that does not - can not -





Know this


One person can't move mountains

But they can rally the movers

One person can't bring down a system

But they can shake the ground to make it bow to them

One person can't heal the wounds of our world

But they can always soothe the hurt in their neighbor


You are stardust. You are a miracle.

And when the world's made you feel enough

Know we are here for you.


Our love. Our heart. Our great joy.