Hometown Glory

For Hawthorne

I envision you in the glow of the rising sun.
Framed in gold and hands turned up
To receive these gifts and dispense them to
Black and brown faces meant to

Live grace.
But denied it
Too often outside
Your limits.
Find grace. 
Between Prairie and Imperial.
At Inglewood and El Segundo.
Saved for us ethereal

The blessings and sorrows, trials and narrow
Escapes - we’re scraped up but safe. Tomorrow
Was never promised us but you
Held us close.
Nurtured us to full grown artists -
Tending us to full bloom harvest.

You loved us; imperfect us.
You loved us. Hometown gloried us.
You loved us. And we love you.

 Hawthorne, CA. 2011. Credit: AJ Joven

Hawthorne, CA. 2011. Credit: AJ Joven